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Nyce signs China UK MoUs witnessed by UK Minister and China Governor


Baroness Fairhead, UK’s Minister of State for Trade and Export Promotion led the largest ever UK business delegation to North West China on a visit to Xi’an this week. At the Expo she opened the UK pavilion.

​​On the afternoon of 11 May 2018, witnessed by Baroness Fairhead CBE, UK’s Minister of State for Trade and Export Promotion, Barbara Woodward OBE, British Ambassador to China, Gouzhong Liu, Governor of Shaanxi Province, a number of agreements and MoUs were agreed between the 2 countries to boost cultural and trade links.

In this ceremony, Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation is signed between Nyce Limited and its China counterpart to jointly cooperate on performance, publicity and ticketing and other related matters of the large-scale multimedia acousto-optic musical ‘the Boy, the Robot, and the Terra Cotta Warriors’. The musical will be managed by Nyce with a total of 3 performances in the UK. Both parties agree to jointly develop cultural performance project suitable for the Chinese market in the future.

Nyce signs China UK MoUs at Silk Road International Expo

Signed by (left to right):

Ying He, Managing Director of Nyce Ltd (UK)

Dingding Sa, Managing Director of SBH Culture Co Limited (China)

Director of Shaanxi Theatre

Other 2 MoUs signed between the 2 countries at the ceremony, including:

  • Memorandum of Understandings for Conservation Collaboration between the Shaanxi Provincial Museums Association and the Institute of Conservation (UK) to promote knowledge exchanges in aspects of cultural heritage conservation

  • Agreement worth over £1 million between Loughborough College and colleges and polytechnics across the city of Dongguan, China to support apprenticeship delivery and enhance vocational education in China.

The National Museum of Liverpool is currently hosting an exhibition of the Terra Cotta Warriors in Liverpool demonstrating the cultural links between the 2 countries. The UK remains eager to see more trade and investment in both directions.

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