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Expert of China-UK Culture Projects

TV Drama

Here to Heart

Based on the top selling Chinese novel Here to Heart, this TV drama features top Chinese celebrity casts. It will be broadcast in 2018 on Hunan Satellite TV, one of the most popular Chinese TV Channel with 1 billion viewers.

The 45 - episode TV drama was filmed for 87 days in China, and 5 days in London and Cambridge in 2017, which is produced by Nyce. 


Vans & QQ Speed


With support of Vans China and QQ Speed (a popular mobile game developed by Tencent China), a team of documentary film maker from China came to the UK in to explore what UK culture has to offer. 

Responding to both brands, Nyce brought them to film skate boarding, graffiti, music studio, horse carriage, steam car, and much more. 

Feature Films

Chinese blockbusters

Reputation is our life. We are specialised in providing exceptional production services for film makers from China. Our works include a series of Chinese blockbusters. 

Internet Films

The Grandest Wedding of Royals

The Grandest Wedding is a romantic action adventure story about two spies who fall for each other and eventually come together to defeat an even greater enemy.


It is a China-UK co-production with casts from both countries, and was filmed in Suffolk, UK in March 2018. This film is invested by and will be released on, the most popular online video platform in China, with 400 million paid subscribers.

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